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"As often as you did it for one of the least of my brothers and sisters, you did it for me."
Matthew 25:40

About Us

Food For The Poor (FFP)-Jamaica is the largest charity organization in Jamaica.  Food For The Poor Inc., located in Florida, USA, is the largest international relief and development organization in the United States. It is an interdenominational Christian organization that assists the poor in 17 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.

FFP-Jamaica partners with a number of stakeholders including churches, non-governmental and private sector organizations, children's homes and service organizations throughout the island that deal directly with the poor to fill their most urgent needs and to encourage self-sufficiency. The work of Food For The Poor is funded by donations.

Vision and Mission Statements

Our ministry reflects God's unconditional love, which surrenders all, inspires trust and faith, and embraces all people regardless of race, status or creed.  We believe that Christ is alive, and that we can best serve Him by being of assistance to those in greatest need (Matthew 25: 31-46). 
Our mission is to link the churches, civic and other charity organizations already operating in areas of need in a manner that helps both the materially poor and the poor in spirit.


Food For The Poor continues to make a profound and positive difference in the lives of thousands of people (who are being) afflicted by poverty in Caribbean and Latin America." The Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica. "There are few institutions in Jamaica that offer the scope of services that impact the vulnerable in our society in the way the Food For The Poor does."His Excellency, the Hon. Howard Cooke, Former Governor General of Jamaica.


Food For The Poor's operation in Jamaica began in 1982 where goods were brought in the island through the Catholic Relief Service, located at Emerald Road in Kingston.  All distribution was done from this location. The legal firm, Myers, Fletchers, Gordon spearheaded the paperwork of incorporating Food For The Poor as a charitable, non-profit organization. They also directed efforts towards obtaining duty free exemption and tax free status.

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How to Qualify for a House

How do I apply for a Food For The Poor house?

When applying for a Food for the Poor House, you must provide the following documents:

  1. A letter of recommendation briefly explaining the current situation that you are in. This must be written, preferably by a religious minister, Justice of the Peace.
  2. Proof of land ownership: Title or Tax Receipt for land on which house is to be built
  3. Permission to build on Land in Special Cases


This is an application and there is no guarantee that a house will be provided.

There is No cost for the application or house construction!


How to Qualify for a house


Agricultural Projects

Requirements For A Food For The Poor Agriculture Project

Food for the Poor’s main mission is to bring the people of Jamaica out of poverty through agriculture and fishing. The second mission is to assist small farmers who are still below the poverty to improve their way of life for themselves and their family.

Projects offered:

  1. Animal Husbandry including Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Chickens and Rabbits
  2. Crop Production (garden and ½ acre irrigation, seeds, tools and seedlings)
  3. Aquaculture (Pangasius and ornamental fish)
  4. Greenhouse and Hydroponics.


This is an application and there is no guarantee that an Agriculture Project will be provided. This is all the information an applicant needs to apply for an Agriculture Project. Fishing is requested by MOAF or identified by us only.
Applications can be emailed to:

There is NO COST for the application for Agriculture Projects.


How to Qualify for a house


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